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Misun Kim for Mayor
Charlotte, NC

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Fight Crime and Homelessness 

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  • Create initiative for kids to learn trade skill's including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and general contracting.

  • Kids will also be able to pursue knowledge in coding, data analysis, and all technical skills from 9th grade to 12th grade 

  • Kids will be incentivized to complete the program and they will graduate with a trade license or technical certification, and place participant students into pathway programs for internships and jobs.

Give Charlotte back to the People!
Let the people reattain the American Dream!
Americans are the sculptures of the future.

Reestablish American Values in Charlotte

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  • Disallow any censorship in the area

  • Ban local businesses, schools, or colleges from mandatory vaccine untested vaccines

  • No one is allowed to force isolation for covid patients in our region

  • Remove mask mandates

  • Ban anyone from blocking the 2nd amendment or the 1st amendment 

  • No social media censorship allowed in our region or they are fined and the fines go back to the citizens as damages for information control

  • Ban federal government from taking away the second amendment in Charlotte NC

Bring Technology Companies and Jobs to Charlotte

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  • Bring technology jobs to charlotte and companies to fill the neuromeres vacant office buildings​

  • Give big companies incentives to locate to our region, and if they innovate our region they will receive a tax break incentive

  • Bring data centers and semiconductor manufacturing companies to Charlotte NC

FY24 City of Charlotte Budget Analysis and public consolidation for spending accountability

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  • Allow for an open bidding process on all taxpayer dollars spent so we use money more efficiently

  • Transparent accounting app which will show citizens exactly what the money is being spend on

  • Allow citizens to conduct audit on bids / overspent on project

  • Weekly town hall meetings where people can debate on changes and policy and tax spend

Help Less Privileaged citizens of Charlotte NC

  • Initiative to create publically owened for profit business's operated by the city government with the idea of gaining profit, and using this profit to fund changes in the community

  • Through this, taxpayer dollars will become eventually self sustaining, meaning we can use the taxpayer dollars for current and new investment opportunities, with the long term goal of having such a profitable portfolio's of business venture that we can lower tax for the community.

  • Buy foreclosed homes, and flip them to people with good credit. The goal is to protect housing prices and allow increased citizen homeownership as opposed to banks or large corporations. Profit from this venture will all be funneled back into the community in a mutually beneficial manor for the city.

  • Stop democrats from messing up the zoning laws

  • Create mass participation in the local government, where all voices are heard and facts are presented in weekly debates.

  • Goals is to become the model for all local communities around the world

  • Create a local hospital / vet clinic that will make no profit, but break even on everyone, and use tax payer dollars to operate. This hospital could be focused on cheaper surgeries in particular, or cheaper emergency room visits. This will make no profit, only break even

  • City sponsored creation of nonprofits

  • People can join together to spend their tax dollars on starting a local charity (only can do local outreach to help poor or disabled people in the region)

  • Allow for citizens to contact me and propose changes, and have those changes be voted on by the masses, and they vote how much funding to allocate

  • Force grade school students from each class year to create and vote on a policy they believe would be beneficial to the community, and then help to implement it

About Misun Kim

Misun Kim is an entrepreneur, mother, and immigrant from South Korea who knows first hand the damages that communism will do to a nation. She is a minority that understands social settings in america dont allow all 

She is here to bring traditional Americans values back Charlotte NC.

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